Hi Ellen

My name is Nicky! I have watched your show over the past several years! I also live in California like you, but down in the Central Valley!

Ellen, I think you are an absolute inspiration to everyone. I am gay, and you, watching you, made me stronger and comfortable in my own skin. You, Ellen are an idol I will always love.

I was inspired by your amazing character, Dory, to make this meme, Finding Nicki to help us find Nicki Minaj! My friend, Morley loves her! He hopes she will return better than ever! But, she is missing!

I made FindingNicki.com, inspired by you, to help us find Nicki! Can you help us find Nicki, Ellen?

Feel free to contact me at @nickisashkir or via email nick [at] ashkir.com

Yours truly,


PS: I wrote this in Yellow, cause it's Morley's favorite color!