Hi Nicki.

My name is Nicky! I was introduced to your music by a very good friend of mine named Morley. Since the day I first met him, he has been absolutely in love with your music. He taught me so much about you, and showed how you are a dominant force in the music industry. You are the first rapper I like! Your Hip Hop is amazing!

You solely carry rap. Nobody near touches your level of skill, command, and power when it comes to this genre.

You are a Goddess to my friend. To me, you are an absolutely amazing person. To your fans, you are an idol. My friend, like many fans checks your social media constantly, in hopes to see your amazing self. You do such great things, such as help kids with school, to being a genuinely good person, to being a great role model. You push education. You push improving yourself. At my work we learn about Kaizen a lot. This is Continous Improvement. You inspire all your fans to do this. Always improve. Never stall!

Your fans care about you. Morley cares about you. We hope you've had an absolutely amazing break, and that you are well! (Please don't be sick! :(, if you are please get better ASAP! I grew up terminally ill, I know sickness is not fun!)

My friend Morley would love to go to your concert sometime! If you could hook us up please feel free to contact me at @nickisashkir or via email nick [at] ashkir.com

Yours truly,


PS: I wrote this in Yellow, cause it's Morley's favorite color!

PPS: Nicki Minaj videos played at Tigerheat and fraeked us out! :D We loved it!