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Copper Rescue – Cold Sore Treatment

A copper-infused hand scrub, known as Copper Rescue, is an inexpensive tool that has many benefits. It can be used as Cold Sore Treatment and can also kill harmful organisms that can cause illness. It is a great way to keep hands clean and free of germs. Several different kinds of bacteria can cause illnesses, and the scrub can help to eliminate them naturally. The product can be purchased at any local drugstore.


This antimicrobial scrub can be used to clean wounds and hands and even help with the prevention of cold sores. It has been proven to kill germs in animals and test tubes, and it has been found to be effective against certain bacteria. While copper does not kill healthy bacteria, it is still an effective tool for combating the disease. The formula is available in gel or cream form and can be applied directly to cold sores.
The product contains a natural ingredient called copper, which is not harmful to your body. It is made of pure copper, which is an antibacterial. It is effective against bacteria and viruses, but it is not effective against airborne viruses. These infections can cause blisters and colds. The product is also known to stop cold sores by preventing the formation of blisters. A few minutes of application on cold sores is enough to reduce the severity of the outbreak.
Copper Rescue is an excellent cold sore treatment. Simply apply it to the affected area and let it soak in for two to four minutes. Use it several times daily for the best results. The product also works well on minor cuts and acne. The combination of copper and zinc helps reduce redness and pain. In fact, most customers have reported a reduction in the size and number of their blisters after using the copper solution. It is not only effective for treating cold sores, but is also an effective cure for other common skin conditions, such as eczema, allergies, and even colds.
Copper Rescue has a variety of uses, including disinfecting wounds and hands. The copper solution acts as a natural germ defense by reducing the risk of infection. The solution is infused with zinc, copper, and zinc oxide. In addition to the skin-related benefits, it can also be used on wounds. Further, the Copper Rescue will be a great addition to your medicine cabinet. So, make use of it to reduce the risks of infection.
Copper Rescue is an excellent way to prevent colds. Whether you are trying to treat a wound or clean your hands, Copper Rescue is an effective antimicrobial solution. Its antimicrobial properties make it a useful anti-infection treatment. If you are experiencing cold sores, you should apply them as soon as possible. It will help stop the infection and prevent the development of new ones. If you aren’t sure what to choose, try the product for yourself.
Copper Rescue is a great antimicrobial solution that can be used on the skin. It works to kill bacteria and viruses. Its zinc oxide is a great anti-microbial solution and can help prevent colds. By disinfecting your hands, copper rescue also prevents the formation of new ones. It will help you to protect yourself from the germs on your hands and the rest of your body. The benefits of using this product are obvious.
Besides being an effective antimicrobial solution, Copper Rescue also works as an emollient. Its properties make it a safe and effective anti-bacterial solution for your hands, and it also works as a disinfectant for wounds. The cleaner you apply, the more contact you have with the virus, the faster the results will be. Aside from being a great way to fight off cold sores, Copper Rescue is a versatile anti-microbial solution that can be applied directly on the skin to prevent and treat infections.
Another benefit of Copper Rescue is its ability to kill germs. It is an effective topical solution that can be used on the hands and on wounds. It can also be used on wounds to sanitize them. Unlike soap, copper does not kill bacteria. But it does help prevent infections. If you don’t like the smell of it, you can use it on the affected area and apply it directly to the skin.